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Our Story

We know how important sleep is, yet the process of buying a mattress is so painful and time-consuming. You visit different retailers, information is scarce and end up paying a lot more than you should.

SleepyCat was created to make your life easier. Our research showed there are four key factors to mattress shopping: comfort, support, temperature and durability. We spent 14 months visiting numerous factories and testing hundreds of samples to craft the purrfect SleepyCat Original mattress.

In 2018, we launched SleepyCat Plus, an 8 inch variant, with added comfort, thickness and firmness.

Our Mission

A great night's sleep is for all! Let’s make mattress shopping ridiculously easy!

We deliver luxury mattresses, at a fraction of the usual cost, straight from our factory to your doorstep in an easy-to-carry package. In 3 steps, you can order the purrfect mattress and have it delivered for free, anywhere across India. Go ahead, give our 30 nights free trial a shot!

Great sleep is a purriviledge, and our aim is to share the cheer with the less fortunate. For every 10 mattress we sell, we donate 1 mattress to a charity. In our first year itself, we donated 100 mattresses to a children’s shelter home and will be donating more in the coming months.


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